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 About the Artist

          Growing up in Bellevue, Nebraska just down the street from the Fontenelle Forest Nature Preserve and taking youth art classes at the Offutt Air Force Base Art Building, I developed a young love for art and nature. I spent several summers in my high school and college years as a nature educator at the Fontenelle Forest Association as well as constructing and painting set designs and educational materials for nature programs such as H2Omaha.

          After graduating high school, I moved to Kansas City to attend the Kansas City Art Institute earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a major in the Fiber Department. Many of my peers as well as myself were dabbling in crossing disciplines and in my junior year, the short lived Inter-Disciplinary Department was created. Students in my class were drawing and building sculpture as well as utilizing the textile techniques that were the focus of our studies.  I spent a portion of my senior year building a glass house and painting on bullet shell casings in addition to knitting, felting, and using beading techniques with found objects to create garment-like sculpture.

          I graduated in 2004 and received awards for the "Highest Grade Point Average" in my class and the "Mentorship Award", which was bestowed upon me by the Junior Class of the Fiber Department for being an influential upper classman.

          After graduation, I worked at I.E. Handmade Fiber Art and Design Studio and occasionally exhibited work in Kansas City, MO. From there, I went on to work for the Moon Marble Company in Bonner Springs, Kansas where I developed my graphic art and web design skills.

Life brought me to Lincoln, Nebraska in 2011.  With that change, I began a new body of work combining weaving and painting techniques. Branching off from that body of art, I started making wearable art to sell at museum gift shops, galleries, and specialty stores.

In 2012, my long-time fascination with glass led me to begin learning the arts of stained and fused glass.   In 2016, I went from student to employee at the Architectural Glassarts Studio in Lincoln, NE.  There, I have developed an in-depth knowledge of staining glass using enamels and silver stain and have become the primary glass painter at the studio.

          In addition to my work at the stained glass studio, I have continued to work for the Moon Marble Company and participated in the hosting of their “Marble Crazy” Art Show for 13 consecutive years.  This annual marble art show exposed me to many talented Contemporary marble makers, and I began making kaleidoscopes designed specifically for their handmade marbles.  I exhibit these kaleidoscopes at art fairs as well as woven paintings and stained glass panels.

          In addition to shows, I have received numerous commissions in multiple disciplines.  My work is exhibited in galleries across the USA.  My fused glass kaleidoscopes were exhibited in an internationally juried show "Kaleidoscopes: Spectrum" in partnership with The Brewster Kaleidoscope Society at the Mansion at Strathmore in Bethesda, Maryland in April - May 2019, and I was honored to have the first piece sold during the exhibit.  My woven painting, "Reflections on Surface Tension" was published in the "Materialities" Catalog in the Fall of 2015, which was an internationally juried publication in conjunction with the International Surface Design Association's "Made Aware" Exhibit at the 2015 Surface Design Conference.

          I continue to delve into the art of stained glass and glass fusing in conjunction with my Fiber work.  I strive to combine mediums in innovative ways as well as become a master of the techniques I employ.  Furthermore, my love of nature persists as a major point of inspiration in my work.

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Email:                               Phone:  402-840-7076

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