My work is everchanging and is heavily influenced by my current environment and experiences.  While working at the Moon Marble Company, I have been exposed to many very talented Contemporary Marble Artists.  And, I collect their work with awe and wonder at the miraculous worlds they are able to capture in a sphere.  I began fantasizing about how a kaleidoscope might enrich my collection as it would allow me to view my marbles in a whole new and everchanging way.  This led to me taking up the craft of kaleidoscope making.

          I make stained glass kaleidoscopes in three basic sizes and various two and three mirror systems.  I strive for as much variety and potential imagery as possible.  I also collaborate with Contemporary Marble Artists and make fused glass pieces designed specifically for their marble.  My kaleidoscopes are available for sale at art shows and at various galleries and shops.  Find a list of Exhibitions & Shops.

          If you are a gallery, shop, or marble artist interested in purchasing my kaleidoscopes to sell, please contact me about wholesale pricing.

 Marble Kaleidoscopes

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