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"Juniper Wreath"
"Juniper Wreath" detail
"Monarchs Swarm Blazing Star"
"Monarchs Swarm Blazing Star" detail
"18 inch Wreath"
"18 inch Wreath" detail
"Japanese Maple Wreath"
"Japanese Maple Wreath" detail
"Monarchs Dangle from Elm Leaves"
"Monarchs Dangle on Lilac Branch"
"Autumn Purple"
"Autumn Purple" detail
"Monarchs on Elm Wreath"
"Monarchs on Elm Wreath" detail
"22 inch Wreath"
"22 inch Wreath" detail
"Vertical Wheat Design"
"Ravenwood Elementary Legacy Window"
"Ravenwood Elementary Legacy Window"
"Seeing Between the Lines"
"Seeing Between the Lines" detail
"Coral Reef at St. John's Bay"
Sea Horse detail
Hiding Octopus detail
Wheat design
Wheat design, side view
"Lucy Catching Fireflies by Night"
"Lucy" detail
"Lucy" detail of Ball jar
"Coral Reef" commission
"Coral Reef" detail
"Coral Reef" detail
"Coral Reef" side view
Berries Design
Berries Design detail
Berries Design detail
Fruit Tree Design
Tree Design

          My interests in working in glass developed while working at the Moon Marble Company in Bonner Springs, Kansas where they offer glass working demonstrations to their visitors and hold an annual Contemporary Handmade Art Marble show, "Marble Crazy".  Originally trained as a Fiber Artist, I found glass work much more mysterious than traditional textiles which are so much apart of our daily lives.  And, I was craving the chance to learn something new.  So, I decided to venture into the world of stained glass.  

          My glass work is influenced by my home grown love of nature and Nebraska landscapes.  I'm interested in the potential of the line quality of the lead and it's important contrast to the transparent glass.

          For information on commissioning a stained glass panel for your home or business, please contact me

 Glass Art Panels

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